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·          Delicious to dip in olive oil bread spices, use for toast, or make fabulous dinner rolls

·          Use the Flatbread & Pizza Crust Mix to make calzones by flattening into 6 portions, loading each with your favorite fillings like sautéed onions, spinach and mushrooms, top with shredded cheese, fold the dough over top and press the edges to seal before baking

·          Make a “skinny pizza” by using fat free cheese and fresh veggies with a pizza sauce or a pesto base

·          Customize your loaf by lining your bread pan with sesame seeds or cracked wheat

·          The Sourdough flavor is wonderful for grilled cheese sandwiches

·          Add dried fruit and nuts to the Golden Whole Wheat bread for a nutritious breakfast loaf


Halladay's Harvest Barn

·          Check out the 2 recipes inside the Thai Curry Dip package for this flavor, delicious Curry Glaze with honey, lemon juice and mustard or try the Thai Curry Chicken recipe with Coconut Milk.  A little burn, and a lot of YUM!

·          The Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Dip has a fantastic Buffalo Chicken Pizza recipe.  A a little red pepper on top before your parmesan and you will be dancing in full flavor happiness tonight! And why not use that Easy Artisan Bread Mix up above for your base?

·          Few things are heartier than a good soup or pasta salad.  The Lobster Bisque Dip Mix can do both!  It is just a matter of how you mix things, so check out the inside panel for ideas!

·          So we know we should all eat healthy and have fish, but that can get dull, right?  So use the Lemon Spinach Dip mix to make Sole Florentine or Lemon Parmesan Fish.  And the Cucumber Dill?  Perfect for salmon!

·          Sometimes we just have to clear out the sinuses, so the Horseradish Dip is just the ticket.  Can turn into a great sandwich spread, but even better, wake up a traditional deviled egg with this flavor.

·          Still hungry?  The cheesecake flavors all make great fruit dip, or try doing parfaits in small glasses layering crushed graham crackers or Pirouline wafers with the cheesecake and fresh fruit for dessert. 

·          Potatoes again?  They won't say that when you use the Garlic Chive Dip plopped on top of a Baked Spud.  Come to think of it, the Cheddar Ale flavor isn't half bad on a potato either!


Too many yummy things to just toss on cream cheese for that party or pot luck.  It does not get much simpler than trying one of the items below over a bar of cream cheese to fill up bellies and make smiles. 

·          Hot Pepper Bacon Jam from Terrapin Ridge Farms.  A top seller for good reason!

·          Peach Pecan Amaretto for the sweet tooth and Cranberry Chili Pecan for those who are tarty,  from The Great San Saba Pecan Company

·          Robert Rothschild Smoky Fig & Roasted Garlic Preserves or Peach Coconut Mango Habanero if you can feel the tropical breeze are both great choices!       

Looking for a quick chip or pretzel dipper?  We have you covered!

·          Let's face it, some like it hot!  The Terrapin Ridge Farms Smoky Garlic Spicy Corn Relish is what they need!  If you have a little more time, put it in your 7 layer dip as a bonus 8th layer!

·          If a little sweet but with a bite after is what your guests crave, don't forget to order the Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel dip.  Leftovers (if there are any!) are amazing on turkey sandwiches.

·          Mmmmmm. Onions.  The Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip from Robert Rothschild Farm never disappoints!

·          Need a little cool down?  The Hatch Chile Bacon Ranch Dip from Terrapin Ridge Farmsis the way to go.  Sure, it will wake you up a little at the first bite, but that is what the Ranch is for on the second bite...and the third...and the fourth....

·          Halladay's Harvest Barn???   Dip is what they are all about!!!  Dips served hot, dips served cold, dips that will fire you up and dips that will remind you of home.  Check out all of our flavors!



        -      Curry is GRAVY!  This is what we know from Anupy Singla, the chef who wants to inspire you to try something new and tasty!  The blends of flavors in her wonderful jars inspire you to try more!  She makes healthy eating easy!  Try the Punjabi Masala recipe on the side of the jar, the family will love it!  The Tikki Masala is so delicious you will want more and more.  Now is the time to EXPLORE!

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Remember…. Always play with your food!  And then call us and tell us your new recipe!